Colorful vegetables and fruits

We’ll have extensive active farming, both outdoors and in greenhouses, as well as walking gardens of herbs, teas, medicinals, flowers, orchards, and everything else we can grow! We’ll cultivate bees, and also use living roofs and window gardens. Farming will be run and master planned by expert growers, who will teach the rest of us. The entire community will be hands on in growing our food. When possible, we’ll can, dry, and/or barter/sell excess produce.

Food will be organic, fresh, and alive. Expert chefs and nutritionists at our commercial grade community kitchen and cafe will design world class juices, meal, snacks, vitamin supplements, energy foods, and detox regimens for our optimal health and vitality, as well as advising those with special dietary needs and challenges. Herbalists will provide natural herbal remedies. Their knowledge will be taught and shared with all of us.