Eco 1 Video and Migration to Nectar

It’s been a long time since I updated this blog!

First, here’s a video I did back in 2015:

Second, the effort to buy the ranch in Crawford fell through. My financial partner and beloved brother had a crisis and dropped out the same day we made the offer. I turned to the community to gauge initial financial support for due diligence funding and only about 10 out of 500 followers were willing to contribute even $10. As a result, I realized it was necessary to build up the network, resources, and community culture before actually going to land in Colorado.

Third, my current project is a conscious social ecosystem with all of the same value as Eco 1. It’s called Nectar, and I welcome you to join:


See you there!

And I go by ‘Eros’ now.

Cheers, Josh ‘Eros’ Rosenfield

Eco Village Site Under Contract!


I’m excited to share that we have a stunning 321 acre ranch and viable eco village site under contract in Crawford, CO! Now the hard work begins! 46 days to inspect, consult experts, build an advisory council, fine tune a business plan and development concept, find strategic partners, crowdsource investment, and make this dream a reality.
I hereby admit that I don’t have all the skills or money to make this happen. I am a steward of a vision to create a living laboratory for the evolution of humanity. I hereby surrender myself, and all my being to the universe, to the community, and to you. I am dedicating the next 46 days to building sufficient support to make this dream happen!
If you share this dream, if you feel the call in your soul to live, learn, and teach a more evolved way of life, if you are committed to showing up with heart centered maturity and love, and to working your ass off as part of a team, then I ask you to give this the full power of your being and help me manifest it!
If you haven’t taken the survey, please do!…/1Ztks-nqiPF2_a0z9iQ6k7N7…/viewform

To learn about the vision:

At this organizing stage, I’m seeking further metaconnections with:
- professional level strategic partners
- aligned philanthropists
- investment partners
- conscious real estate developers
- architects
- real estate attorneys
- land use professionals
- civil and environmental engineers
- watershed experts
- farmers
- master permaculturists
- project managers
- construction / builders
- marketing and PR pros
- a local CPA
Once we have a presentation, master plan, and numbers, we’ll be seeking potential home site or home buyers ready to put down a deposit.
Please share the dream and help attract all the people who belong here.
With Love,

Sprinter Van Solar

Here’s a quick intro to the solar setup on our Sprinter Van conversion. Our goal was to be as sufficient and sustainable as possible using solar, especially for when we find land and can use our Sprinter as Base Camp 1.

We thought about getting lithium ion batteries but the tech is fairly new for RV’s at priced at a premium. AMSolar makes their own in OR, but wouldn’t ship them. I figure we can upgrade to lithium ion as the tech matures. Next to that, AGM are supposed to be the safest and most reliable and efficient.

We did a load analysis of all the items we thought we might be running, with their draw and estimated hours per day, in Amp Hours or AH. This is how many amps the device draws per hour of use. Then you can determine your daily load and figure out how much battery capacity you need for the numbers of days you want to be charged for. With AGM, they say you don’t want to deplete your batteries more than 50% because it shortens battery life. So you actually have to buy twice as much capacity as you want to use.

The setup we chose maximizes our roof space and should run our stuff for 3 days without sun. Note that we can also just start the Sprinter engine and charge the batteries fully in under 30 minutes.

Items we’re running:

Canon Charger
Polaroid LED Charger
GoPro Battery Charger
Generic Camera Battery Charger
AA Battery Charger
Macbook 17″ Charger
Macbook 13″ Charger
Blender / Food processor / misc
DC USB Hub – 2 smartphones
Novakool R3100 12VDC refrigerator
Flojet water pump
LED interior lights
LED flexible light strips
2 Maxx Deluxe Fans

Our setup, with vendors: (known for being a good RV solar vendor):

SunRunner Signature 40MPPT/4/Pro Core (package)

- Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024iL MPPT 3 stage solar controller
- IPNPro Full Feature Remote Meter
- Shunt Kit for IPNPro Remote Meter
- Temperature Compensation Sensor
- 4 ga. Wire Harness with 50 Amp Circuit Breaker

Roof C-Box (for wiring on the roof)

4 x GS100 Solar Panel Kit (includes 4 x 100W panels and mounting accessories)

2 x 15.5″/45˚ Tilt Bar Set (to tilt 2 of the 4 panels) (had our inverter at wholesale pricing):

Magnum MS2000 2000W Inverter 12v W/50A PFC Charger MS2000
Magnum ME-RC50 Remote Panel With 50′ Cable ME-RC50 (nice guy, honest, good prices):

2 x 6v 400 AH LIfeline AGM batteries

Battery Isolator (forget model)

Land Search


Eco 1′s land search:

Size: Scalable. 1-20 acres in city, 40 – 500 acres surrounding area, 1000+ acres for remote areas

Development: Subdividable to a minimum of 10 relatively dense lots, prefer 30+ lots.

Budget: $1M – $3M . Can stretch to $6M – $10M with more subdivision options.

Utilities: We imagine being self sufficient off grid with septic, grey water, solar, wind, and other fuels as necessary. Internet access is essential.

Airport: Prefer one within 30 minutes, or the ability to build a landing strip.

Water: Water rights for farming and residential use, wells, live surface water, and reservoirs a plus.

Mineral Rights: Strongly preferred.

Topography: A combination of flat grassy valley for ag, hills, tress, and mountains for beauty, privacy, and views.

Rain: 15-35 inches per year preferred.

Elevation: Mountains: 0 to 8000.

Sun: Need ample sun exposure for ag and solar, especially full South facing sun in winter

Access: Paved roads preferred to the property, or potential to finish paving to property

Structures: Prefer not to pay significant value for existing structures, we are planning to design and build, although a large well-built barn and one house to use while building is helpful

Proximity: Within 30 minutes of a decent grocery store and gas is preferred. A town with positive, liberal culture is even better.

Ski: Proximity a plus.

Air: Don’t want to be anywhere near industry, mining, pollution, fracking.

County: Prefer a county with flexible or no building codes, earthship and alternative structure friendly, GMO and fracking bans a plus

Area: Front range, CO, or nearby mountains, Oregon, Washington, and possibly other areas.

Please contact Josh using email icon at top with questions, leads, or interest. Thanks!

Arts and Culture


Positive Culture
Our community will nurture a vibrant social culture of arts, conscious living, positive community, human evolution, and connection to the earth.