Environmental Conservation


Eco 1 is committed to demonstrating integrated and sustainable solutions to the challenges humanity faces today as all of our human systems prove to be unsustainable, broken, and destructive to human and planetary health.

Environmental Conservation: conserving and regenerating the earth and environment, including watershed, soil, air, plant life, insects, animals, natural ecosystems, and other precious, natural resources.

Food Production: Producing healthy, organic, nutrient rich local food without poisonous oil based pesticides, oil based farming machinery and transport, or GMO seeds.

Renewable Energy: Minimizing fossil fuel use in all our systems, choosing solar over coal, walking, biking, and  electric vehicles over gas, etc

Energy Efficiency: Smarter materials, homes, systems, use, and management.

Permaculture: Implementing a balanced, holistic, regenerative approach to all our living systems.

Any gas vehicles will be kept to the perimeter of the community, and parked under a solar cover, insuring safety, clean air, and peaceful ambiance within the community.