Eco 1 Video and Migration to Nectar

It’s been a long time since I updated this blog!

First, here’s a video I did back in 2015:

Second, the effort to buy the ranch in Crawford fell through. My financial partner and beloved brother had a crisis and dropped out the same day we made the offer. I turned to the community to gauge initial financial support for due diligence funding and only about 10 out of 500 followers were willing to contribute even $10. As a result, I realized it was necessary to build up the network, resources, and community culture before actually going to land in Colorado.

Third, my current project is a conscious social ecosystem with all of the same value as Eco 1. It’s called Nectar, and I welcome you to join:


See you there!

And I go by ‘Eros’ now.

Cheers, Josh ‘Eros’ Rosenfield