Eco Village Site Under Contract!


I’m excited to share that we have a stunning 321 acre ranch and viable eco village site under contract in Crawford, CO! Now the hard work begins! 46 days to inspect, consult experts, build an advisory council, fine tune a business plan and development concept, find strategic partners, crowdsource investment, and make this dream a reality.
I hereby admit that I don’t have all the skills or money to make this happen. I am a steward of a vision to create a living laboratory for the evolution of humanity. I hereby surrender myself, and all my being to the universe, to the community, and to you. I am dedicating the next 46 days to building sufficient support to make this dream happen!
If you share this dream, if you feel the call in your soul to live, learn, and teach a more evolved way of life, if you are committed to showing up with heart centered maturity and love, and to working your ass off as part of a team, then I ask you to give this the full power of your being and help me manifest it!
If you haven’t taken the survey, please do!…/1Ztks-nqiPF2_a0z9iQ6k7N7…/viewform

To learn about the vision:

At this organizing stage, I’m seeking further metaconnections with:
- professional level strategic partners
- aligned philanthropists
- investment partners
- conscious real estate developers
- architects
- real estate attorneys
- land use professionals
- civil and environmental engineers
- watershed experts
- farmers
- master permaculturists
- project managers
- construction / builders
- marketing and PR pros
- a local CPA
Once we have a presentation, master plan, and numbers, we’ll be seeking potential home site or home buyers ready to put down a deposit.
Please share the dream and help attract all the people who belong here.
With Love,