Global Human Rights Agreement


A global social campaign to promote a new agreement on basic human rights, truth, and duties that we all pledge to honor as citizens of the earth:

1. Heal and protect the earth, and create and maintain balance in the ecosystem.

2. Create and maintain global peace.

3. Meet the essential needs of every human on earth, including safety, food, health, water, shelter, community, acceptance, connection, happiness, learning, and respect.

4. Share all available information, technology, knowledge, and wisdom freely (open source).

5. Share, manage, and conserve global resources equitably, in the most efficient and ecological way.

6. Make sensible decisions, keep our systems as simple as possible, and rely on a living council of knowledge holding advisers and global consensus.

7. Be willing to evolve, change, or replace any system that consensus and common sense agree does not serve these duties and values, without unnecessary delay.

8. Offer healing, love, safety, and support to those who are, for whatever reason, unable to understand or honor these truths, with the intention of helping them heal and rebalance as needed to find their peaceful place in the circle of humanity.

9. Enjoy and celebrate our peaceful life on earth with joy, art, music, dance, and love, and seek to grow and evolve as a species.