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Eco 1′s land search:

Size: Scalable. 1-20 acres in city, 40 – 500 acres surrounding area, 1000+ acres for remote areas

Development: Subdividable to a minimum of 10 relatively dense lots, prefer 30+ lots.

Budget: $1M – $3M . Can stretch to $6M – $10M with more subdivision options.

Utilities: We imagine being self sufficient off grid with septic, grey water, solar, wind, and other fuels as necessary. Internet access is essential.

Airport: Prefer one within 30 minutes, or the ability to build a landing strip.

Water: Water rights for farming and residential use, wells, live surface water, and reservoirs a plus.

Mineral Rights: Strongly preferred.

Topography: A combination of flat grassy valley for ag, hills, tress, and mountains for beauty, privacy, and views.

Rain: 15-35 inches per year preferred.

Elevation: Mountains: 0 to 8000.

Sun: Need ample sun exposure for ag and solar, especially full South facing sun in winter

Access: Paved roads preferred to the property, or potential to finish paving to property

Structures: Prefer not to pay significant value for existing structures, we are planning to design and build, although a large well-built barn and one house to use while building is helpful

Proximity: Within 30 minutes of a decent grocery store and gas is preferred. A town with positive, liberal culture is even better.

Ski: Proximity a plus.

Air: Don’t want to be anywhere near industry, mining, pollution, fracking.

County: Prefer a county with flexible or no building codes, earthship and alternative structure friendly, GMO and fracking bans a plus

Area: Front range, CO, or nearby mountains, Oregon, Washington, and possibly other areas.

Please contact Josh using email icon at top with questions, leads, or interest. Thanks!