Project Summary


Project Highlights

Environmental Conservation

An integrative, permaculture-inspired approach to conserving and regenerating watershed, soil, and other environmental resources

Local Agriculture
Advancing the practice of local, sustainable organic agriculture with farming, gardening, aquaponics, hydroponics, CSA, ‘farm to table’ community kitchen and cafe

Clean Energy and Air
Maximizing use of alternative, renewable energy, solar, wind, passive solar, energy efficient design, walking, biking, and electric vehicles

Learning Center
Classes, workshops, and educational resource for the local community, youth, civic planners, developers, industry professionals, and educators.

Affordable Housing
A balanced mix of work-trade, affordable, median income, and market rate housing, including tiny homes, studios, single family, and cohousing options

Local Business
Empowering artists, startups, and small local businesses with flexible-use studio space and shared business support services

Arts and Culture
A vibrant social culture of arts, conscious living, positive community, and connection to the earth.

Health and Wellness
A wellness center offering nutrition, fitness, healing arts, and recreation to residents and visitors.