Sprinter Van Solar

Here’s a quick intro to the solar setup on our Sprinter Van conversion. Our goal was to be as sufficient and sustainable as possible using solar, especially for when we find land and can use our Sprinter as Base Camp 1.

We thought about getting lithium ion batteries but the tech is fairly new for RV’s at priced at a premium. AMSolar makes their own in OR, but wouldn’t ship them. I figure we can upgrade to lithium ion as the tech matures. Next to that, AGM are supposed to be the safest and most reliable and efficient.

We did a load analysis of all the items we thought we might be running, with their draw and estimated hours per day, in Amp Hours or AH. This is how many amps the device draws per hour of use. Then you can determine your daily load and figure out how much battery capacity you need for the numbers of days you want to be charged for. With AGM, they say you don’t want to deplete your batteries more than 50% because it shortens battery life. So you actually have to buy twice as much capacity as you want to use.

The setup we chose maximizes our roof space and should run our stuff for 3 days without sun. Note that we can also just start the Sprinter engine and charge the batteries fully in under 30 minutes.

Items we’re running:

Canon Charger
Polaroid LED Charger
GoPro Battery Charger
Generic Camera Battery Charger
AA Battery Charger
Macbook 17″ Charger
Macbook 13″ Charger
Blender / Food processor / misc
DC USB Hub – 2 smartphones
Novakool R3100 12VDC refrigerator
Flojet water pump
LED interior lights
LED flexible light strips
2 Maxx Deluxe Fans

Our setup, with vendors:

amsolar.com (known for being a good RV solar vendor):

SunRunner Signature 40MPPT/4/Pro Core (package)

- Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024iL MPPT 3 stage solar controller
- IPNPro Full Feature Remote Meter
- Shunt Kit for IPNPro Remote Meter
- Temperature Compensation Sensor
- 4 ga. Wire Harness with 50 Amp Circuit Breaker

Roof C-Box (for wiring on the roof)

4 x GS100 Solar Panel Kit (includes 4 x 100W panels and mounting accessories)

2 x 15.5″/45˚ Tilt Bar Set (to tilt 2 of the 4 panels)

tacticalwholesalers.com (had our inverter at wholesale pricing):

Magnum MS2000 2000W Inverter 12v W/50A PFC Charger MS2000
Magnum ME-RC50 Remote Panel With 50′ Cable ME-RC50

centexbatteries.com (nice guy, honest, good prices):

2 x 6v 400 AH LIfeline AGM batteries

Battery Isolator (forget model)